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Webinar Replay: “Data Governance – a Strong Foundation for Your MDM Journey”

This webinar reply is sponsored by Hub Designs and IBM, and is presented by Information Management.

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IBM Data Management

Data Governance – a Strong Foundation for Your MDM Journey

Hub Designs is leading a webinar sponsored by IBM on “Data Governance – a Strong Foundation for Your MDM Journey”.

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Data Scientists

Being a Data Scientist by Carla Gentry

A timely article from Carla Gentry on what it’s like to be a data scientist

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IBM Identity Insight

IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight

The Hub Designs MDM Think Tank is briefed by IBM on IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight

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It’s Good To Be On The First Page of Google

Some research on the search terms that bring people to the Hub Designs Blog

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Hub Designs Blog’s Top 10 for 2010

Inspired by Crysta Anderson from Initiate, who put together IBM’s Mastering Data Management blog Top 10 Posts of 2010, I decided to put together a similar “Top Ten Posts of 2010” for the Hub Designs Blog. In our holiday greetings article, Thank You To Our Readers, we covered some of the top articles from the […]

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Cloud Computing Growth

Moving MDM into the Cloud

This article was originally published in The Data Warehousing Institute’s FlashPoint newsletter. Whether you call it software-as-a-service or cloud computing, deploying enterprise applications via the Internet continues to gain momentum. In fact, pioneers such as Amazon, Google, Rackspace, Salesforce.com, and NetSuite have experienced rapid growth in demand, despite global economic uncertainty. Although we’re still in […]

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Building MDM-Powered Solutions with Initiate Composer

Earlier this week, I saw a demo of Initiate’s new Composer product, and was impressed. Composer, announced in March and scheduled for release in June, will be available to all existing Initiate customers. Initiate Composer is a framework for building MDM-powered solutions on top of the company’s MDM hub, which is called Initiate Master Data […]

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And Then There Were Five

The landscape of the MDM hub vendors has shifted quite a bit in the last month. Siperian has been acquired by Informatica, and Initiate Systems has been acquired by IBM. What does this mean for the average Fortune 1000 company buying MDM technology? Not as much as you might think. On the mega-vendor side, they’ve […]

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Long Live MDM

Editor’s Note: Today’s post was written by Jeff Schaffzin. Jeff is an independent consultant with over 15 years of experience in high tech. He’s worked with a number of leading software vendors in roles such as product marketing, professional services and information technology. Specializing in data management, Jeff has spent the last three years focusing […]

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Initiate Systems Acquired By IBM

Today, IBM announced that it is acquiring Initiate Systems. This was widely rumored last week, but the announcement of Informatica’s acquisition of Siperian took my mind off this temporarily. On the face of it, it makes all the sense in the world. IBM knows a good product when it sees it, and Initiate has been […]

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Building Integration using SOA

digg this | del.icio.us | Reddit | Stumble It! Many companies are still deploying Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), with proprietary adapters and integration servers.  However, for a Master Data Management (MDM) solution, we recommend a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach for integration between the hub and source systems using web services. A typical web server provides […]

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Perspectives on the MDM Market

digg this | del.icio.us | Reddit | Stumble It! In this article, we’ll give some perspective on the current state of the Master Data Management (MDM) market. Well-meaning skeptics have raised doubts about whether MDM initiatives have long-term viability, sufficient ROI or in fact, are just another system. This skepticism is, of course, understandable. Every […]

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Our MDM Partnership Strategy

digg this | del.icio.us | Reddit | Stumble It! At Hub Solution Designs, our MDM partnership strategy is pretty straightforward. We are a management & technology consulting firm focused exclusively on Master Data Management and Data Governance.  Our strategy is to partner with all of the leading MDM vendors, because there is no “one-size fits all” […]

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