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  • Dylan Jones, Founder/Community Manager, Data Quality Pro: Keep up the great work you’re doing and keep giving us the real story on the ground, warts and all. This is an evolving marketplace with a lot of companies keen to test the water but very nervous about getting it wrong. Keep up the good work!
  • Ravi Shankar, Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Informatica: Dan Power is a great visionary in the MDM space and understands the players and their technologies very well.
  • John Ryan, President, Advantage Management Solutions, Inc.: As always, Dan, great job. Your latest paper is spot on.
  • David Montgomery, Change Principal, Evaxyx (UK) Limited: Dan, I like the message in this blog … Regardless of the transformation program (MDM or data governance) the message is that it will be a change from the way the organization is currently operating. For that reason the principles of good change management should be applied.
  • Douglas Wood, Senior VP, Infoglide Software Corporation: Great post, Dan. You’ve hit the nail on the head once again.
  • Eric Callmann, Senior Director Enterprise Information at IHS: As always, a great post at providing a snapshot of the current MDM landscape.  Thanks again for your writings, I find them very useful.
  • Garnie Bolling, Senior Consultant at EMC: Keep it up Dan, glad I am reading many of your posts, and that you are being recognized for your insight.
  • Ken Brooks, Systems Architect, Cyborg Soleil: This series of articles provides a GREAT starting point for developing an MDM Blueprint! Kudos!
  • Mike Cunningham, Director, Integration Services at INTTRA: 5 stars – Dan, your practical advice on the Top 10 best practices makes all sorts of good sense. Having worked alongside you on one or two projects, and having been involved with multiple Customer Master-CDI type implementations myself I know how hard it can be for an organization to manage and anticipate all the challenges that come along the way when implementing an MDM-CDI solution. Good stuff!
  • Mohan Dutt, Manager, Business Systems Analysis, VeriSign: This is indeed a treasure trove of information! A big thank you on behalf of devoted readers of the Hub Design blog for your contributions!
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